Monday, April 07, 2008

Jim and Betty Dye Foundation

I spent this morning finishing up reading the applications for the Jim and Betty Dye Scholarship. WOW, what a difficult task. The top candidates were pretty easy, as were the bottom few --- but the rest --- YIKES! It was not easy.

Part of my problem was I scored way too high to start and so I made my spread so very narrow. It did got give me a lot of room for the evaluations. But somehow I got them done, I am looking forward to meeting with the full committee as we compare our results.

If you are not familiar with this scholarship it is awesome! Jim and Betty Dye created a foundation that awards full tuition scholarships to the state schools in Indiana for students in North West Indiana. It started originally with just Purdue and Indiana, but today it includes IUPUI, Purdue Calumet, IUN and Ball State.

I feel very honored to be a part of the Jim and Betty Dye Foundation. For more information about the scholarship program go to the foundation site.

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