Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jim & Betty Dye Foundation (the meeting)

The scholarship committee of the Jim and Betty Dye Foundation met today, and it was my first experience with the team. I spent about 6 hours reading through the approximately 80 applications to prepare for this meeting today. Every application was scored based on a number of criteria. As I mentioned earlier --- it was not an easy process.

As we met today it became abundantly clear the Mr Dye and I were the high scores, while a couple others were much more demanding. But it really doesn't matter, because all the scores of the eight members of the team were combined. Thus as long as one was consistent in their scoring, it all come out in the wash. (I think I was consistent, just consistently high.)

If someone is reading this and plans to apply in the future, let me offer a few suggestions. First, type your application --- it is a PDF that can be typed right into it. Second, check your spelling!!! Unbelievable how bad some people spell in a document that they are giving to others!!! Even worse were those who hand wrote theirs and it was illegible! Third, find some people to give you a honest evaluation not a form letter. One teacher from Lake Central wrote the exact same thing for 2 or 3 students, and one point failed to correct the gender of the person they were writing for. Another teacher from Munster hand wrote the recommendation letter and said NOTHING but I suppose it really didn't matter because it was illegible. Shame on you!!! (Not the student, the teacher!, but knowing that particular teacher I was not surprised!) Fourth, BE CREATIVE! I read the same B.S. 75 times, only 4 or 5 were really creative (and I am willing to bet they all will get a scholarship offer).

Jim and Betty Dye are offering a wonderful gift to Northwest Indiana. I hope that next year as we sit down to evaluate the applications that we have twice as many! If you want to know more about the scholarship go to the web site www.jimandbettydyescholarships.org, or drop me an note.

I look forward to hearing the announcement in a few weeks about who has received the scholarships --- we had a great group of kids to select from!


Anonymous said...

Nice mention for you in today's Times, Steve, and you can bet that I will be talking to you next year re: the Dye Scholarship-yes, next year we will have both Mikey and Ryan going to college!!
Am happy to see that Ball State is now included as Ryan seems to be heading in that direction as Mikey will probably follow sister Michelle to IU Bloomington,
and thanks to the Dye's for their wonderful contributions to our Munster college-bound students, year after year!!
Thanks, also for the comments about SPELLING!-It is one of my biggest frustrations in the business world, too.
see you soon!
Mike McIntyre

Jim said...

Thanks for the tips, Pastor Conger! Do you know if the SAT requirement of 1650 can be comprised of the best Math, Reading and Writing scores from more than 1 SAT test? I'd heard this is the case but need to confirm. My daughter Kristen has a great GPA but is ok/ not the greatest SAT test taker.

Thanks again -
Jim Pospychala

Steve Conger said...

No, you cannot pull the best Math, Writting or Reading scores. To the best of my recollection, it is your best single test score.

If you have further questions you can contact the Foundation directly.