Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wrestling With God (the class)

Last night I began a new series at our WWE program (Wonderful Wednesday Event) that is going to wrestle with some of this issues that people struggle with in relationship to God and their faith. I started with a pretty basic questionnaire so that I could get a baseline on where the class was at. Over the next few weeks we will begin trying to address the issues that were raised in this little questionnaire. Everyone is welcome to join the class!

Someone suggested that I had this out to the entire congregation.
Interesting idea --- any thoughts or suggestions?

Fill this out yourself --- there really aren't any right or worng answers (except for #3).

1) I have read:
_____ The entire Bible
_____ Some of the Bible
_____ Most of the Bible
_____ Not very much of the Bible

2) I feel like I understand the Bible and its purpose pretty well.
___ Yes ___ No

3) There are ____ books in the Bible (how many?)
_____ In the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
_____ In the New Testament

4) The purpose of the Bible is to . . .

5) The Bible is the:
_____ Literal Word of God
_____ Some of it is the Literal Word of God
_____ Metaphorical (symbolic understanding — what it means, rather than if it is "literally true")
Explain what you mean by the above answer:

6) Who wrote the Bible?

7) How does your understanding of who wrote the Bible affect your understanding if the literal/metaphorical nature of the Bible.

8) How do you understand God?
Describe God —
God’s nature, God’s function, God’s purpose, etc.

10) The part of the Bible that I get hung up on is:

11) What I really want to understand better is:

12) I understand Christianity as being:
_____ The only way to God
_____ A way to God, but not the only way

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